beginning with the words...是现在分词短

简介: beginning with the words...是现在分词短语作后置定语,修饰名词speech,它也可以写成一个定语从句:that /which bega

双重疑问句的表达方法1.What kind of lifestyle do you thinkthe people he?你认为这些人会有什么样的生活方式?

本句用到的句型为:特殊疑问词+do you think/believe/imagine...+其他。

What do you think has happened?你认为发生了什么事情?

询问对某人某事的看法句型表达方法2.How does she feel about her work in Beijing?她觉得她在北京的工作怎么样?

本句的句型为:How do/does sb. feel about ...,用以询问对某人某事的看法。

类似句型还有:How do/does sb. find....,How do/does sb. like...,What do/does sb. think of...等。

with的复合结构类型3.Tom was in the kitchen,with his hands in a bowl of flour.汤姆在厨房里,他的手还在面盆里。

除此之外,还有以下三种with的复合结构:(1)with+名词+形容词或副词(2)with+名词+现在分词(3)with+名词+过去分词The emperor walked in the procession,with nothing on。

You he no idea how she finished the relay race with her foot woundedso much.你无法知道她是如何拖着严重受伤的脚完成接力赛的。

现在分词短语作后置定语4.He made a famous speech there beginning with the words:"I he a dream..."他在哪儿以“我有一个梦想......”这句话开始做了一个著名的演讲。

beginning with the words...是现在分词短语作后置定语,修饰名词speech,它也可以写成一个定语从句:that /which began with the words ....The girl standing thereis my sister.=The girl who is standing thereis my sister.站在那边的女孩是我的妹妹。

不定式来作后置定语5.In 1849,she became the first woman ever to receive a medical degreein the USA.1849年她成为首位在美国获得医学学位的女性。

to receive a medical degree是the first woman的后置定语。


beginning with the words...是现在分词短